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No matter who you are and where you come from, you're always welcome to take advantage of the service at Jazmiup Experience. I offer beauty empowerment while keeping you relaxed and comfortable. From cutting, coloring, silk-press, natural styling, I-Tips and microlinks. I nurture hair and provide the nourishment it deserves. You'll surely be turning plenty of heads in awe after our beauty session.


Jazmi Zanders is the owner of Jazmiup Experience salon. With over a decade of experience , her passion as a stylist lies in providing every salon guest with a memorable experience. This desire sprouted long before she became a professional. She graduated from Shirley's University of Barber and Cosmetology in Raleigh, North Carolina but then decided to return to her hometown of New Haven, Connecticut to pursue her career in hairdressing. In 2017 Jazmi launched her very own product line in MyRoots to pay homage to the family she was adopted into as well as her biological family she met when she at 18. Throughout the years Jazmi has become one of the Greater New Haven Area respected stylist with clients ranging from RI , MA , to MD. Overall salon guests are accepted, educated, and empowered after leaving from the experience.